About Us


A mother’s promise!

It was the year 2018. A son was born to a banker. She was in love with her job and was very career-oriented but as soon as she saw the face of her baby she fell in love with the child even more. She decided (like any other mother) that she will always do the best for the kid no matter what. It was the year 2019 and kid was growing fast. She also had to join back her demanding job. In her pursuit of the best, she decided to research healthy food options for kids. What she saw shook her to the core. For someone who was busy juggling career and baby, it became clear that there are not enough food options available. Especially for mothers who don’t have enough time due to various reasons like demanding jobs, demanding husbands, demanding in-laws, demanding society. Most of the so-called healthy food options had all kinds of preservatives, sugars, maltodextrin(why does it even exist), hydrolyzed protein(not a protein yup), and all kinds of junk. That’s, when she decided to take matters into her hand, and Foodstrukk, was born. Moto of foodstrukk is to provide healthy and convenient food options to mothers and fathers. The food is devoid of any junk, chemicals or preservatives