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Hey Mommies!

My name is Manisha and my story began when I gave birth to my baby boy. Like every new mom, I was super conscious of his well being. I read a lot of books on motherhood and parenting. Turns out, they cover everything but not about the food which a baby can have. I knew for sure, he should be breast fed for whatever maximum age I can, as that is the best gift you can give to your baby.

After I went back to my challenging job I started looking out for healthy and nutritious food for my LO which is easy and quick to prepare. I wanted to find shortcuts but at the same time not compromise on the quality. I reached out to my relatives, friends, colleagues but did not really find anything very fulfilling for my kid. Available instant options in the markets were just not good for my baby and also were not reasonably priced. That’s when I started doing research on different cultures around the world and realized that there is so much that can be added to a little ones platter.

With this I made it my mission to help mums all around the world in finding the nutritious and healthy food for their kids and families. Here at  Foodstrukk I have researched and have brought forth a varieties of options for our little ones which is healthy, tasty, and a lot fulfilling. I am happy I could bring these changes to my baby’s meal and have decided to bring it to all the kids of the world. So, It’s a mum’s promise that you will find only those food options which I am confident of giving it to my own baby. You can relax and sleep well knowing that your kid is in safe hands.

A mother’s promise to another mother!

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