Why Brown Sugar is better than White Refined sugar!

Now, we all know that many researches has brought to light the adverse effects of consuming crystallized white sugar and it’s sure that even you might felt it through your real life experiences , it is high time to choose another healthy alternative to sugar to get rid of obesity, diabetes ,heart diseases ,fatty liver and from many other life threatening conditions.  On the context, the most opt sugar substitute is brown sugar, that contains fewer calories compared to white sugar made it safer to include in daily foods for getting a healthy twist . As Brown sugar is considered as the purest form of sugar which contain molasses and many essential nutrients ,it adds  a unique flavor and better taste to your sweet recipes in a healthy way to rebalance your diet . So, just add it to your favourite sweet recipes and have them without suppressing your sweet cravings.

2    How is it made?

Firstly sugar cane stems are pressed in a machine to extract the juice fully. The juice is filtered and then heated in large thick wide pan to get the water content evaporated. As the water evaporates the sugar should start to crystallise, this can be aided by sprinkling the right quantity refined sugar crystals and stirred continuously to get mixed. Leave the remaining paste of sugar crystals and juice to dry out over a few days to yield brown sugar.

3   Health Benefits of Brown Sugar

Prevents obesity
Possess Anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
Haven of many essential minerals
Relieves menstrual cramps
Provides instant energy when you feel low
Improves digestive health
Good for skin
Naturally cures cold
Treats respiratory problems

4    Common ways to Use? How to include Brown Sugar in foods?

Add it while preparing homemade chocolates to get a rich caramelized taste.
Best to sweeten baked foods and it adds moisture as well.
Mix it to sauces to get a tangy taste.
Sprinkle it on ice creams to get a delicious flavour.
Spread it as a topping for puddings and custards.
Add it in your tea/ coffee to get an instant energy boost
Glaze boiled vegetables to look attractive and fresh
Season meat, poultry and sea foods
Best to flavour kernels to get sweet caramelized pop corns
Gives moisture to cookies and buns to make them soft to chew.
Adds a flavourful taste to ginger bread

5     Why it is better than sugar?

Possess slightly fewer calories than white sugarCalorie dense
Molasses content retains nutritious benefitsHas no nutritional value
No chemical additives are added while manufacturingChemicals are added to get perfect texture.
Considered as a nutritious sweetenerWhite Sugar is not good for health.
Molasses  adds brown colour and affects the taste alsoIt has just a sweet taste, doesn’t have a flavour

6     Speciality of Foodstrukk Organic Brown Sugar

Foodstrukk ‘s Organic Brown sugar is processed by well trained ,skilled and experienced persons as it affects much in getting the perfect final product. We strictly followed the traditional process for retaining it’s natural nutritional profile and ensured that it is not mixed with any kinds of chemical additives or preservatives that might alter it’s pure natural texture. Hence we are providing you a healthy sugar substitute to shift on, for feeling a natural touch of extra flavour to your sweet recipes to make them give a positive vibe to stay healthy.

Now let’s come back to our weaning topic, babies grow so fast and so does their food requirements. We rely on very limited options , but then perhaps we should think , if we are given Chapati sabji everyday, how would we react? Same way, they stop eating and spit out the food which makes us frustrated but yes now you should understand why they do that?

When I realized it, Bringing varieties and healthy to  babies platter became my whole and sole motto ….  

Now when I say right and nutritious eating, keep below in mind:

  1. Absolutely no Salt
  2. Say No to sugar
  3. No preservatives and any kind of chemicals /flavors
  4. Natural and no artificial stuff
  5. Varieties is life

Perhaps I will write different articles discussing each above point in details.

At foodstrukk, we really understand why is variety so important for baby, because with each different kind of food , your baby gets different kind of nutrition. Let’s see a few examples :

  1. foodstrukk Sprouted Ragi, Raw Banana and Dates mix: This Mix is an excellent source of protein, calcium, good carbohydrates, iron, fibre, Vitamin D, potassium and so much more. A bowl of this makes a very fulfilling breakfast and keeps your baby active.
  2. foodstrukk Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Mix: Made from organic Buckwheat, popularly known as Kuttu Ka Aaata in North, is widely used around the world as baby food. It has notable amounts of Niacin, Vitamin B2, Folate, Potassium, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, minerals, fibre and a lot. Who would not want to give all these benefits to their babies.
  3. foodstrukk Amaranth and Makhana Mix: Made from Organic Amaranth (Ramdana)and Makhana is good source of good carbs, Vitamin A,B,C , Protein, iron, fibre, high magnesium and low sodium, prevents inflammation.
  4. foodstrukk Barley and Oats Mix: A mix of Malted Barley(would write in details about benefits of sprouting and Malting of grains/cereals) and Oats is a good source of fibre, eases constipation due to its good fibre content. It is a good immunity booster and makes bones and heart strong. Its rich in anti oxidants,manganese, phospohorus ,iron, zinc, folate and so much more.

We have other variants too, but to give you a brief idea as to how thoughtful the porridge’s are, we do take care of different nutrients which your baby deserves.

Now, I would like to emphasize on eating healthy. Our generation has grown up eating completely wrong, we started with formula milk, sugar,salt, honey,preservatives, because it was promoted as the most healthiest option then. Now I am sure we would appreciate that they are not healthy and are indeed harmful when it comes to providing it to a six months old. Our generation at a very young age, have issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, bad immunity and a weak body. What do you think what went wrong when you see your grand parents much healthier than us? So let’s pledge today we would give our baby only and only healthy food and would inculcate healthy eating habits. By providing the right food, you are indeed gifting her a good life for life long. Let’s gift that Mom’s.

Happy Mm-foodstrukk 🙂 

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