Every baby should be given right nutritious food at the right time for his timely growth and development. Even from the beginning, when baby attains 6 months of age to take solid foods, his diet should be balanced and healthy. Buckwheat is one of the ideal nutrient – dense gluten free wholegrain, must be incorporated in your baby’s diet at his fast growing phase to contribute many positive effects in his growth milestones .Buckwheat is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B2, niacin, folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants which are essentially required to support the growth and development of babies and toddlers. Hence, it is a wise choice to serve 1 bowlful buckwheat porridge daily to your fuzzy eater to make sure that he gets required nutrients for his healthy developments.

Health Benefits

·         Natural source of essential vitamins, protein and minerals.

·         Strengthen the immune system and supports overall health.

·         Keep the digestive system function well

·         Cure constipation

·         Aids in healthy weight gain

·         Good for skin

·         Supplies instant energy boost

·         Support timely growth and development 

How to Select Buckwheat

·         Purchase good quality buckwheat from a trusted brand or supplier

·         Check whether it is good quality

·         Ensure whether its  organic and free from pesticides

·         Check whether the buckwheat you are purchasing is a fresh batch and stored hygienically.

·         If you are buying packed buckwheat, check it’s quality of packaging ,manufacturing date and the expiry date 

How to Store Buckwheat

·         Buckwheat should be stored in air tight containers for longer shelf life .

·         Store in dry place away from moisture. 

Things to keep in mind when feeding Buckwheat to Babies 

·         Feed Buckwheat in cooked form only.

·         Start with less amount and if your baby likes the taste and doesn’t shows any intolerance , gradually increase to serve a small bowlful.

·         If your baby gets comfortable, prepare it in different forms along with vegetables, try new buckwheat recipes appropriate to their age .  Try https://foodstrukk.com/product/buckwheat-sweet-potato-mix/

·         Before introducing buckwheat to your baby, just check whether anyone in your family has buckwheat allergy.

·         If your child seems an allergic condition, discontinue the use of buckwheat. 

Foodstrukk Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Mix

Foodstrukk Buckwheat and sweet potato is a complementary solid food to get introduced in your kid’s diet when he starts taking solid foods. It is hygienically processed purely natural ingredient based product and thus it’s enriched with all the real benefits of organic buckwheat and sweet potato to fulfil your baby’s nutrients requirement to keep him healthy as you wish. Feed this healthy traditional food to your kids, they’ll surely likes it’s taste and have it happily without any hesitation.

Foodstrukk Buckwheat and Sweet Potato mix is :

·         Best Introductory food for your little ones. Easy to prepare traditional recipe.

·   Healthy food option for your baby,made with pure and organic ingredients.

·     Gluten free and easy to digest

· Good source of essential vitamins protein and minerals. Hygienically processed and packed.

·  Made in small batches. After opening the packet, transfer the mix into an air tight jar and   consume within 3 month.

· No sugar,salt or milk .No artificial flavour ,additives or preservatives added. 

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