7 Dos & Don’t for Grocery handling during covid19

COVID19 though not transmissible via food can stay on surfaces for several days. It is thus important that we take extra care while handling groceries and vegetables before using them. It does not matter whether groceries or vegetables or fruits are delivered at your doorstep or you get them from stores, you will have to take these precautions. Read here to know some of the Dos and Donts

1. Groceries must be washed with water. Anything that comes from outside has to be washed or sanitized
2. Before washing groceries, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.
3. Clean all the surfaces wherever groceries were kept or came in contact before washing them.
4. Never wash vegetables and fruits with soap or similar products as chemicals from soaps can cause various complications.
5. Spend as little time as possible in grocery stores and keep distance of at least 6 feet. Prepare list before going out so that you can navigate quickly in the store.
6. Dispose off all the packaging carefully in a closed bin so as to avoid any transmission and also wash your hands after disposing.
7. Wash your grocery bag after every trip to stores

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