Benefits of Jaggery over white refined sugar

 If you like to quit sugar and looking for a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet cravings , shift on to Jaggery, the  nutritious sweetener  .It  is an unrefined sugar made from sugar cane juice, prepared by  following traditional methods  and regarded as one oldest natural sweetener which possess better nutrition profile than refined sugar. It contains useful vitamins and minerals to boost up your immunity, and a healthier option to include in your foods rather than consuming high calorie sugar. Hence, choosing it over sugar makes you consume lesser calorie and taking in more fiber to say goodbye to many life style diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and cancer.

2    How is it made?

 Firstly ,Sugarcane stems are pressed through a machine to extract it’s sweet juice fully. Then the juice is filled in a container to get all thick residues to settle down at the bottom of the container .The juice is then strained to get a clear liquid. After that process, the liquid is transferred to wide flat bottomed pan , boiled it for hours  and stir continuously until it turns to thick texture like paste . This paste is then transferred in huge moulds and let it cool till it becomes hard. Then the final product called jaggery is made.

3    Health Benefits of Jaggery?  

       * Boost Immunity

            * Relieves joint pain

               * Strengthen bones

                   *Naturally cures cough and cold

                      *Reduce fatigue and gives instant energy

                       *Cleanses blood and improve circulation

                      * Supports healthy digestion and bowel movement

                    *Regulate blood pressure

            * Good for heart

                      * Natural remedy for menstrual problems

                     * Aids weight loss

                    *Nourish skin cells


4    Common ways to Use? How to include jaggery in foods? 

  • Grate it over icecream/ Pour jaggery syrup as icecream toppings
  • Used to counteract the heat of very hot and spicy foods
  • Good for making candies and cookies like peanut chikki, sesame balls
  • Add it to oatmeal to get a different sweet taste and for making it more healthy.
  • Add Jagger syrup to chocolate cake/ coffee cakes to make them soft and tasty.
  • Add to sweeten cookie dough
  • Mix Jaggey syrup with your tea and coffee to get instant energy
  • Sprinkle jaggery powder to dust on the tops of cookies and brownies
  • Just add a little while preparing chutneys to get a tangy sweet taste.
  • Mix jaggery syrup in ice porridges, rice puddings, laddu .
  • Daily have a cup of turmeric milk added with jaggery syrup to boost immunity

 5    Why it is better than sugar?

Jaggery (Gur)


·         Rich in high fiber and mineral content

·         It is a source of empty calories  and has no nutritional value.

·         Jaggery aids in healthy weight management

·         Consuming too much sugar cause weight gain

·         Provides a boost to immunity system

·         Higer sugar consumption cause many health problems like obesity, diabetes and even cause cancer

·         It gets digested slowly and release energy slowly

·         It cause sudden blood sugar spikes

·         Jagger is eco friendly

·         Sugar industries pollutes air,water and soil

6     Speciality of Foodstrukk Organic Jaggery Powder

Foodstrukk Organic Jaggery Powder is prepared by experienced workers who still follows the traditional way of Jaggery making and thus  it can retain all the real goodness of Jaggery to add taste to your foods in a healthy manner. As we are always concerned about the quality of our products, we assure you that any additives are added in it at any stages of production and you will surely feel it’s natural earthy taste to prove the quality of our perfectly natural product. Moreover, No kinds of preservatives are added for enhancing its shelf life and that quality makes it safe to include it in your regular diet as a healthy substitute for sugar.

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