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As a nutritionist I use Foodstrukk Sathumavu Multi grain health mix for my one year old fuzzy eater. I highly recommend this health mix for the taste and Nutrition. It also increases also increases appetite and brings so much to the platter in just one meal because it is a super multigrain powder. Not only he likes the tastes but he also enjoys whenever I feed him. It is indeed a power packed food. It fulfills babies calcium, iron, fiber, protein good carbs and many more essential requirements. Highly recommended and best part its available at so many stores and also online, only a click away, what else a new mom could ask for.


Being a working mother giving right nutrition becomes even more challenging for my baby. Foodstrukk  Baby food options have solved the issues, its healthy, hygienic and tasty. It help me a lot as there are lot of varieties available.

Growing child needs special nutrition and support in early years, so I'm always worried about giving him healthy foods.
But thankfully I found Foodstrukk range of baby foods. They are nutritious, they are always fresh, and yes, my kid just love them! Thank you Foodstrukk and Manisha for curating these healthy options.
I'm a happy mom with Foodstrukk.

Hema Vinay Kumar


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