Health Problems in kids

What has changed in last few decades, when you see around. Everyone is facing some health issues, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, lung problems, increasing number of gyms, doctors, companies. Sadly kids/babies are also not untouched by the health problem which adults are facing. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity are very common these days and are faced by our very adorable ones too. India has the second highest number of obese children (14.4 million) in the world. Childhood obesity has grown at a faster rate than adult obesity in many countries. Breathing related issues and Hypertension /High blood Pressure, joint problem, weak bones, low immunity are not unknown words for kids these days. We already know what is causing these problems

  • low nutrient foods
  • Sugary beverages
  • Not enough physical activity
  • Increased screen time

Let us pause for a moment and think, what has really changed, environment -Yes, food adulteration-Yes, wrong commercialization – Yes and a lot more which our bare eyes can see. Lifestyle has changed drastically and is indeed demanding. Rising prices, costly schools, tuition, we are everyday coping up with the changing world. Increasing number of working moms and demand at work for both the parents are the practical concerns we face every day. We have observed it very keenly and that’s why we know it is indeed important to take care of that very vulnerable part of our lives, our children. Lets make our babies healthy and happy without compromising on any benefits which he/she can deserves in this unprecedented world every day. 

At foodstrukk our endeavour is to provide great food options. Food full of nutritional benefits for your little one at affordable prices and not at all compromising on the quality. We have also introduced healthy breakfast options full of grains and wonderful nutrition for adults too. We need good food too. Why?? Because charity begins at home. Our children learn from what we do every single day, what we eat and what we drink. If we are drinking cold drink everyday and we want our kids to have milk, trust me this is going to be a real challenge for you. You eat fries and burger and want your kids to have ghar ka roti and sabji. Common this is not fare, let’s be fair and become what we want our children to be, which is to become Healthy with strong immunity.

We understand these concerns very well. Our own kid growing every single day, learning, playing, and seeing the world by his innocent eyes. We know we want to give the best, be it education, environment or food and we know it can be better while we better ourselves. So we are indeed taking care of the food part to keep them super active healthy and happy by providing them right nutrition and would keep on trying to provide more and more healthy options for everyone to bring change for a better tomorrow  .

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