5 Health Benefits of Almonds for Kids

Almonds are considered super healthy & nutritious foods for Kids. They can act as a great source to improve your child’s immune system. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, fibre & minerals. They helps in overall growth of kids. They are also known for their super rich taste making it easy for parents to introduce them in their kids’ diet.

Here are 7 health benefits of adding Almonds to your kids’ diet:

  1. Helps to boost your child’s brain function

The nutrients in Almonds works well to boost the overall brain development of your child. The Vitamin E present in them improves your child’s intelligence level & brain function. It keeps the brain protective from any kind of oxidative damage.

  • Improves your child’s Immune System

Almonds acts as a great source to improve the immune system of your child. A good immune system can only keep your child healthy and help him fight diseases.

  • Improves Digestive System in your Child

Almonds regulate the bowel movement in your child thereby improving the digestive system. A good digestive system can only prevent any chances of constipation problem.

  • Helps Strengthen your child’s bones & Teeth

Almonds are super nutritious & rich in calcium thereby promoting healthy & strong teeth and Bones. Phosphorus present in Almonds ensures healthy bones & teeth for your child. The rich nutrients available in Almonds can prevent Osteoporosis in the older age.

  • Control Cholesterol & prevents Diabetes

Almonds play an important role in controlling cholesterol level and helps prevent diabetes at later stages in life. Your child can reap the benefits of this as they grow older. However avoid giving salted & sugar-coated almonds to your child.

More benefits of Almonds

Almonds are hard to chew. So try grinding them in your home before adding to the food. You can add the nut powder to porridge, kheer, puddings etc. and make it highly nutritious. Nut powder should be added to baby food for babies above 8months only.

Omega 3 fatty acid & other Fatty acids present in almonds works towards the development of brain.

Why we need to select Organic Food for Kids?

We all love our kids and can do anything just to see that happy smile on their face. One of the toughest challenges every parent faces is selecting the right food for their kids. We so easily fall into a trap when our kids want to have fast foods which are just not good for their health. As a parent we need to know how to tackle such situations and ensure our child eats healthy and organic diet.

Choice to Feed your Kids with Wholesome Organic Food

One of the main reasons you need to feed your child with organic food is Pesticides. As we all know our little munchkins are less immune and high exposure to pesticides will only make it difficult for them to fight toxins. Feeding your child with organic food is probably the best choice you can make.

Why you need Organic Food for your Kids?

  • Organic Foods are nutritious and free from any harmful pesticide.

Organic Food are full of nutrients. It will provide maximum vitamins, nutrients & minerals to boost your child’s physical growth. Did you know children who consume organic foods are less likely to have wheezing problems & also eczema. You can be assured your child grows up healthy and free of diseases.

  • Organic Foods are free from Pesticides & other Harmful Substances.

Organic Foods are known to be free from any harmful Pesticides. It is best option food to ensure toxic free diet for your kids. Since it is without chemicals it will have no negative effects on your child’s health.

  • Organic Food ensures good Mental Health

Your child needs good mental health. Organic food improves overall well being of your child’s mental health improving his concentration level and also ensuring a healthy brain.

Organic food will make your child more active and keep him focussed. It is a must for your growing infant

  • Organic Food has Less Sugar

One of the best advantages of Organic Food is that it has less sugar. Excess sugar is not good for anyone more so for kids. Providing them with organic foods will only make sure your child gets the best choice food with just the required amount of sugar.

  • Organic Foods Taste Better

Organic foods are also known to have good taste than conventional food. Your child is quite likely to enjoy it more.

Improves Your Childs Immune System

  • Organic Foods are also known to improve the immune system of your child.

Helping our children grow healthy is entirely in our hands. Lets make our angels strong & healthy to fight different challenges of this world.

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Health Problems in kids

What has changed in last few decades, when you see around. Everyone is facing some health issues, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, lung problems, increasing number of gyms, doctors, companies. Sadly kids/babies are also not untouched by the health problem which adults are facing. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity are very common these days and are faced by our very adorable ones too. India has the second highest number of obese children (14.4 million) in the world. Childhood obesity has grown at a faster rate than adult obesity in many countries. Breathing related issues and Hypertension /High blood Pressure, joint problem, weak bones, low immunity are not unknown words for kids these days. We already know what is causing these problems

  • low nutrient foods
  • Sugary beverages
  • Not enough physical activity
  • Increased screen time

Let us pause for a moment and think, what has really changed, environment -Yes, food adulteration-Yes, wrong commercialization – Yes and a lot more which our bare eyes can see. Lifestyle has changed drastically and is indeed demanding. Rising prices, costly schools, tuition, we are everyday coping up with the changing world. Increasing number of working moms and demand at work for both the parents are the practical concerns we face every day. We have observed it very keenly and that’s why we know it is indeed important to take care of that very vulnerable part of our lives, our children. Lets make our babies healthy and happy without compromising on any benefits which he/she can deserves in this unprecedented world every day. 

At foodstrukk our endeavour is to provide great food options. Food full of nutritional benefits for your little one at affordable prices and not at all compromising on the quality. We have also introduced healthy breakfast options full of grains and wonderful nutrition for adults too. We need good food too. Why?? Because charity begins at home. Our children learn from what we do every single day, what we eat and what we drink. If we are drinking cold drink everyday and we want our kids to have milk, trust me this is going to be a real challenge for you. You eat fries and burger and want your kids to have ghar ka roti and sabji. Common this is not fare, let’s be fair and become what we want our children to be, which is to become Healthy with strong immunity.

We understand these concerns very well. Our own kid growing every single day, learning, playing, and seeing the world by his innocent eyes. We know we want to give the best, be it education, environment or food and we know it can be better while we better ourselves. So we are indeed taking care of the food part to keep them super active healthy and happy by providing them right nutrition and would keep on trying to provide more and more healthy options for everyone to bring change for a better tomorrow  .